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La Butega

Con il cuore ha dato forma alle geometrie,
con le mani ha illuminato la materia: fuochi d’artificio.
Noi siamo cresciuti nel segno dei sogni: questo era il suo regno.

Grazie Ugo

Once upon a time, the workshop was the absolute protagonist of the city: it opened, it was maintained, and it closed. Young people would 'enter the workshop' to learn the trade. If the 70 is the embodiment of an idea, the 'Butega De Rosa' is its ideal space, its hyperuranium.

An dreamlike place that embodies the impetuous dynamism of the Heart brand. The Butega is the real one, at Piazza XXV Aprile 19, in Cusano Milanino. The walls exude emotions; in this authentic space, the old and the new coexist. Multiform representations of the iconic moments of Ugo and Mariuccia's personal and professional history, the family, and the company.

The first blowtorch, Ugo's original wooden workbench, the first TIG welder: his personal fireworks. A world map, certifying the boundless journey of bikes with the heart all around the globe. All six De Rosa logos shine, retracing their evolution from the 1950s to today.

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In Butega, everyone can leave a mark of their presence. There is freedom of expression, there is a sharing of authentic passion for bicycles.
Real experiences become stories.

After immersing yourself in the De Rosa history, you will have the opportunity to purchase your 70 x Nove25 ring and your personal book 'Battito. 70 anni di storia in una bicicletta' autographed directly at Butega.
An occasion to take home not just unique but rare memorabilia.

Make your mark

Do you want the chance to experience our Butega with a dedicated visit? Write to us and get ready to immerse yourself in the De Rosa history.

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