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    New painting and new groupset for our off-road

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    ONE EARLY MORNING… I wake up early and go riding on my bike, deserted roads, and a sense of peace, the kind that makes you love cycling from the bottom of your soul. Suddenly there is a car driver, the only presence beside me in the streets of a small town in Brianza. With an...
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    Born from the ashes of one of our very successful projects under a completely new guise, the 838 is our latest creature and doesn’t mind frills. Simple, decisive, and captivating lines with a noble purpose: welcome you in De Rosa world, without compromising on performance and style.The 838 goes straight to the heart and it’s...
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    PLEASED TO BE x 12!

    This has been a special period for everyone, and perhaps even more so for our market, which is first and foremost a passion. A period that has put everyone to the test, but we have never stopped pedaling towards the finish line.So we are very pleased to have been selected from Shimano, to present a...
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    SK Pininfarina PROUD TO BE ITALIAN

    We are pleased to present the SK Pininfarina “Proud To Be Italian”, our personal tribute to Elia Viviani, the first cyclist in history to be awarded the prestigious position of flag bearer at the Olympic Games. An Italian heart beats strongly in every De Rosa product. For De Rosa, every creation has always been a way...
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    The Titans of Classics

    April 1994, a unique spring of a magical year. The Italian Team Gewiss-Ballan, riding our iconic De-Rosa Titanio, breaks the bank, in a feast of successes that will accompany us throughout the course of the season. The triumphs in three of the five “classic monuments”: the Milan-Sanremo, the Liège-Bastogne-Liège and the Giro di Lombardia, with...


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    De Rosa 2020: a new design for our heart

    The first day of summer corresponds to a new chapter of the history of De Rosa, marking the introduction of a new logo. From the story of De Rosa and the expert hand of the designer Pininfarina comes a new logo for the Bikes with the heart, the new identity that will accompany De Rosa...

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