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World Tour Team

World Tour Team

Being part of the De-Rosa sponsored teams means being part of a unique future-focused team in which athletes are the most valuable resource. Together we compete in races and markets all over the world. Together we’ve crafted our values that drive us on our day-to-day challenges.

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Team Cofidis

Ambition, sacrifice and perseverance are the values thanks to which Team Cofidis obtained the license of UCI World Team in 2020.

The team, with the entry into the UCI World Tour, takes on an international dimension in which prestige increases, but also the desire to overcome the new challenges.

The arrival of the European Champion, Elia Viviani, the choice of excellence of a new bike such as the "De Rosa" and the participation in Giro d'Italia 2020 are the right prerequisite for this to be a fun and satisfying year.


Team Santini

ASD Cuore Grinta Passione is an amateur sports association that has as its social purpose sports promotion and that actively collaborates with the best brands in the sector.

The association, together with its partners, who represent Italian excellence in sports products, intends to involve its members in the amateur activity, sharing with them the affection for sport, emphasizing the moral importance of the path towards achieving their personal goals with correctness and sacrifice and supporting their passion for the disciplines practiced.

The association was founded in September 2014, giving life first to a cycling team, Team De Rosa Santini, and then to team Disanto Coaching Santini, a section dedicated to triathlon.

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