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Get your 70 Team Edition 2024. JUST UNTIL MAY 29.

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The Italian Job

Chase the De Rosa 70, handled by the 100% Italian VF Group - Bardiani CSF - Faizané.

It’s GIRO D’ITALIA time. For us this is a mystical, almost religious moment. Three weeks of climbs, toil and authentic, heroic character await us.

Our Team Bardiani CSF – Faizanè, riding our 70, is ready to give us great escapes, courage and. Italy, the soul that distinguishes us and connects us with the entire team following the athletes, from the mechanic to the masseur, the only 100% Italian “family”, like us.

Racing is the brand of our history, the pure energy that allows us to put all our expertise on the field, in the service of the magical gesture of cycling.

For the cheers, for the escapes for the climbs that make us dream.

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